Workshop 2

Artist Spotlight: Odili Odita

On December 28th, Unmasking Africa held the first Children's workshop! The Children's program not only allows children to learn more about different contemporary artists working in the region but it is a chance to encourage them to express themselves creatively through fun hands on activities. This workshop introduced the children to the work of Nigerian artist Odili Donald Odita. The children, aged 3 - 7, got the chance to create their own bold designs influenced by their colorful surroundings.

Photo courtesy of OneArt

"African culture is so integral to western culture, and yet the continent continues to exist as a region denigrated in the mind of the entire world. I wish to re-channel the negative thinking around Africa, speak from the center of its present-ness, and expand upon what I know and understand about the history of this amazing and unquantifiable place."